»You Don’t Own Me photobook«

»You Don’t Own Me« is a conceptual photo collection presented in a book. It consists of collected pictures from online ads mainly showing antropomorphic objects that appear to have a liveliness in them. The way the objects have been orchestrated by the user and  how usage changed them was of interest. They seem to breath and feel. They are creepy but beautiful. Cold but empathy evoking. They feel strange and alien but in the same time they give an intimate familiar and trusted feeling. You’ll even feel sorry for them in a way. All of that lets this collection be really intriguing. The pictures have been collected over two years. The collection consists of a choice of about 300 pictures out of initially 3000.
The book is 170 × 240 mm and has 348 pages. It’s cover has a linen binding with laser imprinting on it.