»Wendenstraße 45 | Studio 45«

»Künstlerhaus Wendenstraße«

in this school project i did a fictional branding for an artist house in Hamburg. The house is very diverse, there are a lot of different art forms present, as music, visual art, theater, dance, design, performance … In the house there is a gallery named »Studio 45«. My plan was to do a branding which includes the house as well as the gallery as one logo that can be used for both, with the possibility to use each part as a single logo if wished. The task was to use type only, which means no photos or illustrations in the branding. I decided to use the logo as a vessel for the informations in the poster and flyer designs. I also created a key visual that consists out of elements of the logo and which can be used as an artistic part of the visual identity of the house for example in forms of a sculpture or a wall projection on the house.

Coached by Prof. Sven Vogel and Prof. Jovica Veljović.

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